Origo Oil & Gas Software has some pretty amazing clients and Midland based Summit Petroleum LLC is no exception. Our implementation was to extend visibility and provide meaningful reporting capabilities to enhance and extend the data from their ERP and other systems.

“As a member of Darcy Partners, Summit Petroleum LLC was introduced to Origo Oil & Gas Software during an Analytics Forum. The application for analytics software, such as Origo, was much needed. Our Engineering & Operations team was searching for a cost-effective and seamless integration with accounting data to have practical and useful Lease Operating Statements. The Origo Team was very helpful during the onboarding process and developed a tool that puts the data in the hands of our engineers to make more informed decisions.”

-Ryan Hamilton, VP of Operations & Engineering, Summit Petroleum LLC

Some of the top benefits of Origo’s financial reporting tools include:

  • Connectors that allow quick integration with existing legacy systems such as accounting, reserves, and production systems
  • The ability to analyze LOE and other financials at any level of the operational hierarchy
  • Tools to pinpoint poor performing assets and identify strategies to maximize efficiencies and improve economic return
  • View forecast data against actuals to monitor variances to plan
  • Create unlimited report layouts and custom hierarchies
  • Create and customize key performance indicators and visualizations

“We are extremely grateful to have been selected by Summit Petroleum LLC as a reporting and analytics solution that will empower their entire business with modern reporting functionality and technology.. by entrusting Origo Oil & Gas Software’s financial reporting tools, Summit will have the capabilities to efficiently monitor and take action on vital decision making data, and maximize capital efficiency and economic return.”

-Colby Nate, CEO

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