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Origo Oil & Gas Software

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Origo Oil & Gas software seamlessly integrates with your organization's disparate data systems creating a single shareable source that helps provide visibility, manage expenses, mitigate risks, and increase business process efficiencies.


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Frac Your Data, Unlock Cost Savings

With strip prices at historic lows, most basins across the US remain uneconomic to drill.  And many producers are suddenly finding that producing assets with high operating costs, such as stripper wells, are uneconomic to operate.  With DUC counts rising and wells shutting in, your biggest lever to increase cash flow is cost efficiency.  But…

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Frac Your Data, Unleash a Torrent of Insights

As an oil & gas producer, you rely on multiple types of software to run your business, from revenue and expense tracking to production and economics.  The problem with all of these point solutions is that they don’t play well together.  In fact, you might have a dozen or more pieces of software that have…

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Frac Your Data, Produce Free Cash Flow

Given the current market environment, it goes without saying that improving free cash flow is an imperative across the oil & gas industry.  Drastic times call for drastic cost cutting measures, but with capital discipline and operational efficiency already top of mind, how can producers drive down OpEx even lower?  The answer to this question…

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SaaS Solution Designed Specifically For the Oil & Gas Industry


Origo Oil & Gas Software provides our clients a hosted SaaS solution saving significant investment on hardware, licensing and infrastructure costs while providing a secure, predictable, and scaleable solution to grow the business.

Origo's integration team is skilled and experienced at integrating with other best-in-class industry software providing our clients with a secure and centralized viewable source for key decision making data.


Software Features

GL Reporting


Lease Operating Statements, Key Performance Indicators


Accounting Tools


Invoice Entry, Approval Workflow, Image Capture, Revenue Distribution




Production Capture, SCADA integration, Gathering Systems, Allocations, Reporting, Asset Management




Supplier Management, Approval Workflow, Document Management, Policy Compliance


AFE Management


AFE Creation, Approval Workflow, Budget Vs Actual Reporting


Master Data


Digital Well File, Document Management, Collaboration, Data Aggregation, Analytics



Software Benefits


Origo Software integrates with existing software investments and provides a comprehensive view of objects and assets within your organization while also providing solutions for unstructured processes & data..


Origo mitigates common industry risks by capturing key documents, regulatory dates, approval processes, audit logs, and the ability to query and report on critical data and processes


Origo provides a quick return on investment by capturing key documentation, streamlining approval processes, and providing quick access to decision making data.


Origo Software helps your business archive and manage critical documents to increase efficiency, reduce physical storage costs, reduce compliance risk and maximize information value


Origo aggregates and provides secure viewable access to your data from sources across your enterprise and provides access to key performance indicators & reports for critical decisions.


Origo's development and support team is always seeking to improve the application by devloping new features & functionality and is always available to assist and support your investment.