About Third Corner


Origo Oil & Gas Software is developed by Third Corner inc., a Custom Application Development and Consulting Firm located in Plano, Texas. Formed in 2010, Third Corner has a history of solving business problems with technology while enabling our clients to be efficient, scalable, and improve their profitability


Our Process

Third Corner can provide strategic software advisory as well as evaluate your enterprise ecosystem to determine the best course of action in tying systems together allowing our clients to eliminate departmental data silos and provide the ability to combine disparate systems providing a unified environment.

Third Corner is geared towards helping our clients automate key business processes to reduce costs, resources and investment. Utilizing a proprietary blend of consultative approach and technology tools we assist in delivering high visibility, maximum impact, scalable solutions in a short timeframe.

Third Corner provides a toolset to leverage data from all areas of your organization on demand allowing visibility to progress, performance and process. By providing granular, timely, and targeted data for analysis, your business can make better, faster decisions.

Our Management Team

Colby Nate


Chad Fryar


Robert Westmoreland

VP of Business Development


We work for some amazing people.